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New Year, New Job, No Blog?

25 Feb

It's like looking in a mirror

Every day it’s the same thing – people coming up to me, harassing me to no end – what about the blog, Lija? What about your readers? What about your mom? I swear I’ve had a good (even booky) reason for being a bad blogger. Right after the aforementioned Christmas holiday back home to Canada (I did make it in the end, and I read the hell out of my Little House collection!), I started a shiny new job at Penguin.

There’s no question that I’ve been pretty busy making the transition back to a 9-(5,6,7..) lifestyle – the stress of choosing an outfit every day not based around stretchy pj pants has been pretty tough (and I’ve fallen prey to more than a few wardrobe missteps along the way – amirite @joethepublicist?). But even more than that, I’ve been hemming and hawing over how to keep some kind of book blogging activity going that won’t make me feel weirdly unethical. Because social media is no effing joke.

I can’t ignore all the Penguin books I’m inevitably reading (a good number of which I would’ve been reading anyway), but at the same time, the new gig definitely makes the idea of continuing to post reviews a little squirmy. I’ve always loved author interviews, so at some point, my blogging comeback might involve a little less Lija-talk, and a little more literary talent.

I’d love to come back to some form of blogging life, but will need a little time to figure it out – if you just can’t wait in the meantime, I’m still on twitter at @lijak AND, of course, at The Book Stops Here – the coolest literary night in town (no one else was saying they were the coolest, so we figured the title was up for grabs).

And in my absence,  the bloggers on the right hand side of the screen over there have a lot of good stuff to say about books.