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The Little Cottage That Could

23 Nov

Remember how I like to write about where writers write? Today, I’ve got an especially covetable one to share (that is, if you’re a fan of fairy tales, lattice windows, beautiful woodwork, and staying tucked up in bed).

I’ve been waiting for any excuse to mention The Hermitage’s Rima Staines – she’s a nomadic artist and story-teller in the UK who lives in an other-wordly cottage on wheels (it’s actually a converted horsebox truck, with some key modern perks like mobile broadband). In this post she talks about the book she’s working on, her packed-to-the rafters work corner, and the squee-worthy laptop cradle her partner’s rigged up over their bed.

I know I’m not cut out for transient living, but it’s still something to think about when I’m stuck on the Central Line.

I'm pretty sure elves will just do her work for her.