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Best Buds and Thesauri

8 Dec

In my first post here, I wondered: “Does Margaret Atwood ever use dictionary.com to find a cracker-jack synonym?”

I was mostly kidding, but my question has been answered! Over on Marg’s blog, she lists ten gift ideas for the budding novelist. And her synonym-finder of choice does not require an internet connection.

4. Roget’s Thesaurus. I know there are some thesauri on line but nothing beats the paper version. It is somehow more troll-able. And when things go bad, you can warm it in the oven (not to much, it’s flammable) & cuddle up to it in bed.

It’s like we’re just on the same wavelength, y’know?

Fun fact – we are also college alumna buddies. The campus pub I frequented is called The Cat’s Eye. Really good couches.