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Writing About Writing About Where Writers Write

27 Sep

Lisa's writing view: Brightsand Lake

Fellow Saskatchewanian Lisa, over at Building a Novel, just posted a rundown of her writing spaces. I really admire the fact that she actually gets anything done overlooking a lake. Whenever I tell myself that I can be productive outside, I just end up watching someone’s dog chase a tennis ball for two hours.

A quick search confirms that the writer set goes bananas for writing about their writing spots:

distraction no. 99 Nova’s “writer glam” locales, including a swanky-sounding members-only writing club in NYC. No photo – it’s probably a secret club!

whereiwrite.org, a site dedicated to the creative spaces of fantasy and science fiction writers (bonus points for featuring actual writer’s pets):

Ellen Datlow

Luke Burrage’s extremely suave den, along with an explanation of how he avoids the clutter so common in the whereiwrite.org rooms:

Luke Burrage

Tara Bradford at Paris Parfait prefers French starving-artist chic. Those mercantile cabinet drawers look perfect for storing tiny scraps of poetry:

Tara Bradford, Paris Parfait

Warrent St. John’s “Cloffice” (a repurposed walk-in closet), via The New Yorker’s The Book Bench. The colour-coordinated oranges might just be for show, but I find the fresh stack of notepaper and identical pens very appealing. In a brand-new back-to-school supplies kind of way:


After coveting dozens of workspaces , I still haven’t decided which I love more: knick-knacky coziness or a nice clean surface. Either way, most people seem to believe that finding the perfect set-up is the key to their creative success. Is it superstitious to attribute magic writing powers to certain locations and furniture arrangements, or just practical?

We know that some of the best writing ever was likely penned in some poorly lit dungeon with nary a macbook pro or venti latte in sight, but we still can’t help but think that our creative juices require a beautiful view, an ergonomic chair, and a couple good luck charms thrown in for good measure. And lots of snacks.

What do you need around you to produce your best work, be it writing, arting, or just brainstorming?

PS. I’d feel left out if I didn’t share my current writing tools: messy bed, glass of Sainsbury’s finest red wine (and a bit of a buzz-on), four-year-old iBook, and my sexy librarian specs (they’re a souvenir from the healthcare coverage I got with my old job).