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Catch Up in the Rye

25 Sep

Life of Pi

During the tail-end of university,  I was confined to course reading, which really wasn’t so bad – I knocked off a bunch of classics (Middlemarch!), and discovered some enduring favourites (Robertson Davies!). Then, during the beginning of my fledgling magazine career, I’d be so brain-dead after work that I stuck to comfort reading – old stand-bys that I would read and re-read.

This is all leading up to a confession. I missed out on some of the big award-winners and best-sellers of the past four (ack, maybe five) years. A Thousand Splendid Suns? Not a page. Life of Pi? Sorry, Yann. Middlesex? Even the mighty Ope’s endorsement wasn’t enough to whip me into shape. And I just read Miriam Toews’ A Complicated Kindness two weeks ago.


Now that I’ve said sayonara to the magazine gig and have packed up and moved to London, it’s time to make amends to the book gods (and Oprah) and make up for some lost ground. I’d love suggestions on which books are absolute can’t-misses from the last few years. And, to show that I’m serious, if anyone recommends a (fiction) book here, I will read it within the month.